Alphabet Activism

Today I took a walk over to my local bookstore to see what’s new. The children’s table is loaded with books related to issues in the news: women’s rights and Supreme Court justices. And a catchy little alphabet book that will have kids talking about coop communities and equality for all!

A is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara

Alphabet books are great for supplying creative hooks to get your young ones to memorize the alphabet. This one uses the alphabet as a hook to get your kids familiar with an array of social concepts that can promote early understanding of the multi-faceted world we live in. And it provides a foundation for future conversations as your growing kids navigate the increasingly complex interactions with their community.

As the book title tips us off, A is for Activist. And, we learn as we read the first page, it is also for Advocate, Abolitionist, Ally, and Actively Answering A call to Action. From there, the book walks through all 26 letters, illustrating each in exuberant colors. One of my favorites: Y is for You and Yes!

Pegged for ages Preschool-2nd grade. And it might not be a bad refresher for older kids interested in making their mark on the world!

Share your favorite alphabet books!

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