An Alternate Reality: Treating Teachers as Society’s Superstars

Key and Peele’s TeachingCenter

Inspiring acts come from all sorts of people in all sorts of forms. Today I share a skit from two great comedians – Key and Peele.

  • • Big corporations put their money behind teaching?
  • • What if the best teachers got paid the way the best athletes get paid?
  • • What if the schools that performed worst one year got first pick for superstar teachers in next year’s draft?
  • • What if the general public held up teachers as heroes, idols even?

Great food for thought. And presented in an entertaining way. So far, nearly 6.5 million people have watched this on youtube. Now that’s inspiring. Thank you Key and Peele!

Be Inspired to Action!

Check it out. Let’s get that number over 7 million. And, once we’ve thought about it, maybe we will each find a way – big or small – to let great teachers we know they are appreciated. Heroes even.

Share your inspirational stories about teachers!

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