Bake Sales: The Tried and Still Awesome!

Today’s shout out is to all of you thousands (maybe millions) who will spend some time this holiday season in your kitchen concocting a fabulous mouth-watering baked good for your favorite charity bake sale. The bake sale has been around for centuries (true fact!)

This warms my heart – a tradition that binds us together – men and women and children of all races, religions, and political persuasions. And all-around giving to a good cause.

Fun Baking Facts!

A few fun facts about various delectables that you might consider as you choose what to bake up:

  • Pie is the baked good of choice. Preferences stated in a 2008 survey are 19% pie; 17% cake; 15% cookies. (Disclosure: The survey was sponsored by the American Pie Council – wouldn’t you know)
  • Pie personalities
    • Apple……Independent
    • Pecan……Analytical
    • Chocolate…Loving
    • Pumpkin…..Funny
  • January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day (oh Yeah…right around the corner!)
  • The National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum is in Joplin, Missouri (road trip in your future?)

Share your favorite bake sale goodies. Or your favorite baking fun facts. Keep those ovens blazing!

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