A Birthday Celebration for Every Child

Birthday celebrations are so important to children. They are the person of the hour for a whole 24 hours! It’s a day to mark the fact that they are growing up! But some children live in families with so few resources that they struggle to put together a party.

Parties for Everyone!

One mom planning a party for her four-year-old had an “ah-ha!” moment. Here she was providing her son with all of the party accouterments any child could wish for. She thought, Do we really need all this? Out of this thought, she created “The Birthday Box”. Local service agencies reach out with requests and the Birthday Box provides each child, well…. A “party in a box.” Cake, candles, party utensils, and a wrapped gift.

Another organization with a similar concept is “Cheerful Givers” based in Minnesota.

Share your stories of birthday charities.

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