Earth Day: We Are the World

I was doing my car radio listening thing a few days ago. And I heard a story about a new scientific find: There are signs of a chemical reaction under the icy surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. This activity might just provide the conditions for life… way, way out there.

The conditions for life. An amazing concept that is so miraculous. And such a gift. Tis the season of new life. Beautiful white flowers are bursting out on every branch of the tree in front of my living room window. It’s makes me feel like I’m in a Monet painting. I had lunch today with a friend who just returned from visiting her 2-week-old grandson. Her face lit up as she talked about his tiny new face.

Celebrate Earth Day at the March for Science

Tomorrow is Earth Day and I will be celebrating my gratefulness for life here on this planet. I am going to the Science March – happy that the sun is supposed to be shining.

There will be speakers who spend every day thinking about life: about sustainability programs such solar energy, divvy bikes, and green buildings; creating platforms for collaboration among scientists to keep the innovations coming; the ever present search for medical advances to improve the quality of life for all of us here on earth.

There will be exhibitors to provide us information and ways to get involved to protect the Great Lakes, donate bone marrow, clean up nature areas, to name just a few.

I think it will be lots of fun. I encourage you to join in. I will be in Chicago. There are 609 satellite marches. Find yours.Then get your walking shoes on. Be there or be square!

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