Feed the World: Garden Produce

Every spring I get visions of tomatoes fresh of the vine in my yard. Anyone who’s ever had a garden tomato will probably agree that there’s no comparison to the store-bought variety.

So, all you green thumbs, here’s a way to share the wealth with your local food pantry. You’ve probably seen a community garden or two on one of your spring walks or even a drive. Well, many of those gardens grow produce to donate to food pantries. I used to volunteer in a food pantry. We stocked up on canned goods but had limited perishables. But wow! If we had been able to give out fresh veggies and fruits—that would have been so much better for the soul (as well as a boost to the body).

If you’re interested in participating, check out the Garden Writers Association website. Since 1995, members have grown 20 million pounds of produce for over 80 million meals. And going strong. That’s amazing.

GWA can connect you to a local community garden in any region of the country, even internationally. If you can’t find one near you, consider starting one yourself. Happy planting!

Share links to community food gardens here!

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