In Memoriam

Memorial Day can be loads of fun with barbecues and parties and celebrating the return of summer (plus an extra day off from work or school!) It is also an opportunity to reflect on the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for us. Here’s a great book to read and discuss with your young child.

The Wall by Eve Bunting

A quiet book that conveys the mood invoked by the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. A little boy and his dad visit the Wall to honor his grandfather who died in Vietnam. As they search for the grandfather’s name, the little boy observes the color and texture of the Wall. He reflects on the various objects that have been left at the Wall by other visitors. And he asks questions, good questions, about the conundrum of how we, the living, should think about the soldier’s act of giving up his or her life for our country.

A good conversation-starter for you and your child this Memorial Day weekend.

Pegged for ages 4-7.

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