Inclusive Preparation

Tis the season of waiting. It is also a time of preparation. Whether it’s looking forward to Christmas or Chanukah or New Year’s Eve, December is a month of anticipation. Shopping for gifts, baking holiday goodies, hauling out the festive decorations to deck the halls.

Perpetual Motion

Living in a big city, as I do, my whole world seems like a crush of people moving this way and that, bells clanging on street corners, lights shimmering in tree branches arching over the streets. Perpetual motion.

Those Who Can’t Move So Fast

But what about those who can’t get around very well? The disabled, the sick, the elderly. Sometimes those of us who are mobile can be moving so fast, we forget about those who can’t get around but very much want to participate in this season of preparation.

Small Acts of Inclusion

Small acts of inclusion can make a big difference. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to add a relative, friend, or neighbor into your own busy preparations.

  • Shovel a sidewalk. Make it easier for the mobile but frail to get to and from the house without fear of falling on the ice.
  • Share a holiday meal. Grocery shop, then cook and share a festive spread.
  • Share a holiday movie. Either at home or in the theater.
  • Serenade shut-ins with Christmas carols. Tra-la-la!
  • Offer a ride to and from the mall.
  • Help navigate internet online shopping.
  • Holiday gathering. Send an invite that includes an arrangement for transportation to and from the party.
  • Volunteer. Check out your community’s events for the elderly and help with preparations.

If each of us includes one small act of assistance as part of our holiday preparation, we will widen the circle of people enjoying those ringing bells and shining lights and the joy of preparing for the holidays.

Happy Preparations!

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