LOL: What the World Needs Now

LOL. One of my favorite text lines. It’s right on point in so many different situations. Sometimes it underlines a hilarious joke. Sometimes it goes along with SMH (shaking my head). Other times it takes the edge off a more serious and sobering thought. Sometimes it’s just the right way to express self-deprecation (as in: laughing at myself).

Sometimes it can be a way of sharing hope that the positive side of the human spirit will prevail. That is the idea behind Comic Relief a British organization that makes a connection between laughter and a just world, free from poverty. Once a year, Comic Relief sponsors Red Nose Day which they promote as “Let the funny see the money.”

There are oodles of way to be involved – all geared toward fundraising for the poor. From celebrities (think: a DJ’s 24 hour danceathon or a Saturday night song and dance show) to just plain folk (think: house party or dress up as a Nose at school – LOL). Each and every idea involves a gaggle of fun-lovers yukking it up for charity. Get this: The cast of the movie Love Actually is making a 10-minute short called Red Nose Day Actually! Check it out on BBC One.

The UK Red Nose Day is coming right up on March 24.

But, you say, what about if I don’t live in the UK? Chances are, if you’re reading this blog post, you live in the US. Not to worry. We know how to piggyback on a good idea when we see one. The USA Red Nose Day is scheduled for May 25. Get your funny on and get ready to Fun-Raise.


What are you going to do for Red Nose Day?!


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