New Year’s Resolutions: Books For Children

I have not found many books for children on this topic. However, here are a few that will give fertile ground for discussing resolutions with your children.

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller, illustrated by Kathi Ember tells the story of a squirrel who is trying to figure out exactly what a resolution is and what his own special resolution should be. Follow along with him on his day with his animal friends, a day that turns out lead squirrel down his own path of discovery. Recommended for Preschool – 2nd grade

New Year’s Resolutions Fit for a Bird by Dee Smith is hot off the press this winter. I have not had the opportunity to read it but I thought I’d bring it to the attention of anyone looking for books to share with their children on resolutions. Let me know if you like it!

Have you read other stories for kids about New Year’s resolutions? Share your favorites!

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