A Puppy A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We live in a stressed out society. Mid-career adults are working long hours while often sandwiching in coordination of adult care for their children and health care for their parents. Those same elderly parents are under stress about the countless doctor visits and tests and are often lonely as spouses and friends leave the planet. Those same children are stressed from tightly scheduled activities, coping with mean girls or boys, and the overwhelming load of schoolwork.

Puppies to the rescue! Studies have shown that dogs make a big difference in treating depression, anxiety and stress.

College Puppy Rooms

For college students, many universities are now setting up “puppy rooms”.” Students can walk in during visiting hours and cuddle up with a furry friend. Particularly popular during exam week!

Dog Visits to the Elderly

Nursing homes are pioneers in pet therapy starting with Therapy Dogs International which has been around for over 30 years. Rubbing a dog’s soft fur makes the world feel a little less lonely.

Puppies Are Suckers for a Kids’ Story

Some kids struggle to learn to read. Dogs can help here too. A program started ten years ago by Intermountain Therapy Animals has now spread to literacy programs across the country. It can be intimidating and stressful to read to a person who can seem to be making judgments about every stumble or mistake. But dogs give unconditional acceptance. And this means reduced stress and more focus on the reading itself.

Share your stories of dog therapy.

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