Root, Root, Root for the Cubbies!

Today’s inspiring story comes from my hometown Chicago where the Cubs may FINALLY win the World Series. Disclaimer: I do not have the power to jinx them.

The Cubs have not won a championship in over a century. Many Cubs fans have come into the world and passed away again never experiencing the thrill of that victory. But now, this year, Cubs fan Virginia Wood, who herself has lived over a century – 101 years to be exact – may get her chance.

With so many disappointing seasons in the past, many Cubs fans are tamping down on visions of trophies, hedging against possible disappointment. Not Virginia Wood. Interviewed by a Chicago Tribune reporter, Wood exudes the confidence of a champ : “Oh, I’m counting on them going all the way, absolutely.”

Wood will be 102 next month. What a birthday present a championship would be! She makes no bones about it: “Oh yeah, sure, I’d like to have that. Good birthday present. Oh yeah, that’s the best.”

Go Cubbies!

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