Sweet Land of Liberty

There has been a lot of airing of our divisions lately. It is enough to make anyone, no matter what side you take, curl up in despair. But there are some things basic to who we are as a nation, regardless of our individual politics, that we must stand up for. One of those is liberty.

Our Inalienable Rights

Our founding principles, set down in writing in the Declaration of Independence include “inalienable rights… [to] life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But to ensure our historical commitment is lived out in the present day, we must work hard to protect these rights.

Defenders of Liberty

The American Civil Liberties Union is, perhaps, our most venerable non-governmental organization protecting our right to liberty. Nearly one hundred years old, the ACLU works everywhere liberty is challenged: in all branches of government — the courts, the legislature, and the executive branch; and in communities across the country.

You might think the ACLU only defends rights that liberals support. But that is not true. The ACLU is nonpartisan. It has defended the rights of groups on the right and the left.

When there is a deep sea change in government like we are currently facing, the potential impact on liberty is uncertain. This can make us as individuals feel scared and powerless. Groups like the ACLU, with its vast experience and deep talent pool can inspire: Inspire in us the sense that we are not alone, inspire in us the sense that we are not powerless, and inspire in us the incentive to work together.

Strength in Numbers

Since last week’s election, over 100,000 people have turned to the ACLU to lead us in protecting individual liberty: Donations to the ACLU since November 8 top 7 million dollars.

We, the people, are standing up to protect our nation’s commitment to liberty. That is inspiring.

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