Teaching Black History

Today’s inspiration comes from the many many people and organizations across the country teaching about black history:

  • The 107 historically black colleges
  • The thousands of African-American history departments at colleges across the country
  • The hundreds of thousands of elementary and secondary school teachers who educate their students about black history
  • The filmmakers, playwrights, poets, historians, children’s books authors, and all other writers who uncover pearls of black history and weave them into mesmerizing narratives
  • The archeologists who unearth and the curators who craft displays of black artifacts
  • The business men and women who guide diversity discussions that include lessons from black history
  • The PARENTS and CAREGIVERS who talk to their children about black history
  • ALL others who incorporate their knowledge of black history into their family and community life

WOW! That is a lot of black history education going on. Here’s to all of you who are contributing your knowledge to build a bright future.

Share your favorite inspiring stories of black history.

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