The Power of Poetry

Poems are a special kind of reading all their own. Some tell a story. But many are more about feelings. They can lift our spirits. They can help us deal with our sorrow. They can give us the giggles. They can inspire us to new heights.

Here’s a new compilation of poems I highly recommend.

Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy, paintings by Jon J. Muth

Caroline Kennedy has picked over 100 poems to share. She casts her net broadly, reaching many parts of the human experience and, too, the imagination. There are poems about the mystery of fairies and the scariness of monsters, the drama of sports, the power of love and the sadness of war. And much much more. Kennedy introduces each section with a reflection about her own experience with poems. The accompanying paintings in rich blues, greens, reds and yellows, invite children into the poems themselves. Lovely. Whatever your age, there’s something for everyone.

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