The Thankful Book and Thelonius Turkey Lives!

New and Fabulous

(2012) The Thankful Book by Todd Parr takes the idea of being thankful down to the level a small child can understand. It reminds me of all the times I’ve squatted down when I am talking to a tiny tike so that I can look into their eyes and see what they’re thinking – which are usually incredibly imaginative thoughts. The Thankful Book walks through many things that probably go through a child’s mind every day – how they look, why they eat what they eat, and so on.

One of my favorites: “I am thankful for my shadow because it makes me look taller.” The illustrations remind me a bit of the Peanuts crew – wild hair and simple but expressive faces. A book pegged for preschool-1st grade, I think you will find a great opportunity for thought and discussion tailored to your own child’s experience.

Oldie but Goodie

Thelonius Turkey Lives! By Lynn Rowe Reed is sure to have your kids in giggles. Thelonius is the only turkey left on his farm and Thanksgiving is approaching. Thelonius is worried that Felicia the farmer is planning his demise. So he concocts all sorts of wacky roadblocks to thwart her. Only to find out…this wasn’t what she had in mind at all! A fun romp with a happy ending. Pegged for Preschool-2nd grade.


Do you have other thanksgiving books to recommend?

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