Two for One: Civic Engagement and Summer Camp!

This week we’ve been talking about summer vacations in the country. We’ve also been talking about introducing our kids to their civic rights and duties. Wanna combine the two? Summer camps for this year are winding down. But if you want to get a head start thinking about next year, check out these camps!

Fun and Learning At the Same Time

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp. YEA’s home page gets your attention: “Hello World Changer! Yes, we’re talking to You!” They put out the call to join in on an 8-day camp at one of three countryside locations: Massachusetts, New York State, or California. There’s the traditional camp stuff — hiking, games, and parties. There are also activities to help campers find and use their voices around issues they are passionate about.

Looking for a different location? Check out:

If none of these are just right but you like the idea, take a more in depth look on the web for something in your area. Light that fire within your kids. The whole world will benefit!

Share your favorite civic engageent summer camps!

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