Giving Winter Warmth

This week’s theme has been about making the best of winter by jumping into outdoor fun. I have such fond memories of bundling my little ones into their enormous snowsuits, wrapping their faces in soft scarves, tucking their hands into waterproof mittens, helping them pull on knee-high boots. But what about kids whose families don’t have the financial ability to provide this gear?

Gifts of Winter Warmth

It warms my heart that many people around this great nation of ours are taking action to solve this problem. Close to home, at the Alain Locke Charter School where I chair the board, I have witnessed the work of one generous donor who gathered friends at her home for a party/clothing drive so that our students can be winter warm. A shoutout to all those who engage in similar work in cities and towns across the country.

Here’s a sampling of the good work that is being done:

Know other organizations donating winter-wear? Share here!

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