Happy Earth Day!

From my writing perch in my living room, I look out onto a beautiful tree that is currently greening up. Yay! And it is Earth Day. So we should all take a moment from our busy lives and think about what we are doing or can do going forward to and hand off a fertile, healthy earth to future generations.

What Can We Do To Save the Earth?

There are many organization and individuals doing wonderful things to save the earth. I hope you will share your favorites.

The Nature Conservancy

If you’re looking for a way to get involved, you might consider checking out the Nature Conservancy. I like it because of its breadth – works in 69 countries and is immersed in a wide variety of environments on land and water, in city and countryside.

There are so many ways to get involved. And the Nature Conservancy website is such fun to explore. There’s a map of the United States that has links (regularly updated) to opportunities for involvement with environmental projects in the state of your choice. There’s another map with links to the Nature Conservancy preserves around the world. Great places to think about if you want new learning experiences about nature and the environment. You can sign up to get news and updates from the Conservancy about ways to get involved.

Need inspiration to get started? Read the great stories of people, young and old, who are taking initiative to preserve our earth.

One Boy’s Story

One example: A seventh grader is raising funds to turn a defunct naval air station into a nature preserve for birds. How’s he raising the dough? He sells his own photos of birds and nature. And he’s getting a little help from a local winery and a nature center that are exhibiting his photos for him.

Hmmm. I think I’ll wrap up here and go work the garden!

Share links to inspirational environmental stories here!

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