Children’s Books for Earth Day

Nearly New and Absolutely Fabulous

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown is great for city kids. Liam wanders through his grey city and stumbles upon a defunct railroad track. He decides to turn the old space green. The story follows his efforts through the four seasons, exploring the way nature, with Liam’s help, takes over the space. The illustrations burst with life. And those who have walked the Highline in New York will recognize the results! Pegged for kids ages 4-7.

Oldie but Goodie

Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg is about a boy who has no interest whatsoever in making the world green. Walter throws trash on the street and refuses to separate the family garbage into bins for recycling. He spends the evening watching a TV show about airplaneing into a futuristic world. Walter wants to fly into the future, too. That night, in his dreams, he fast-forwards in time. But it is not what he expected. He finds himself in place after place ruined by human destruction of nature. When he finally returns to the present, Walter has a new appreciation for the environment. Pegged for ages 4-7.

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