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This week we celebrated sibling relationships. I am touched by the outpouring of sibling love posted on Facebook. I’ve taken some time to reflect on the depth of my relationship with my own sisters and the relationship my children have with each other.

Yesterday, I looked online to see what’s going on out there to help siblings in need. Turns out, there’s quite a bit. There are both national and local organizations. Some provide help for siblings of children with severe illnesses or disabilities. Others help with grief over a sibling who has died. Some focus on support one sibling can give another such as donation of blood or kidney.

One organization, Siblings Day Foundation has a focus on making the Siblings Day we just celebrated an official annual event like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I am also drawn to their mission statement that includes a goal of compiling a national directory of sibling support groups. I am a big fan of sites that post links to inspiring groups around the nation and the world. This makes it so much easier for someone who wants to get involved to find just the right entry point.

For now, here are just a couple of links for those who are interested.

Sibling Leadership Network

Be the Match

Share your stories of charities that provide help for siblings.

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