Jackson Pollock’s birthday is this week. You know Jackson Pollock – the guy who dripped paint onto canvas in energetic but seemingly random patterns. Some are puzzeld or dismissive when they look at Pollock’s work, unable to make heads or tails of it. But Pollock himself described his work as “motion made visible.” And many people agree.

Today, I recommend a book to share with your child that joyfully makes sense of abstract art.

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Ramon was nuts about drawing. Houses. Vases of flowers. Fish. He drew them all. But, as Ramon’s brother was quick to point out, what came out on paper didn’t look exactly like the real thing. Ramon considered giving up on painting all together. His sister had another way of looking at it. Ramon’s paintings were not exact replicas; they were “Ish.”

Illustrated with exuberant line drawings, Ish gets across to the reader the joy of creativity.

Pegged for Preschool-2nd grade.

Share your favorite books about art.

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