Another Snowy Day Story

I was in Montana last week. The snow was piled high on every side and temperatures dropped well below zero. Brrrr. Here’s a perfect story for that kind of weather.

Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell

A small child heads out into the gusting snow….and stumbles upon a baby wolf lost from its pack. The child picks up the wolf and heads further out into the deep drifts. Eventually, the wolf pack is found. But now the child is stranded in the frigid weather. How will the child find a way back home?

This ends up being a story of friendship and loyal perseverance. The illustrations are so well done that the readers feels the intensity of the situation pour off the page. Spare in language and visuals. Yet as satisfying as a full-length movie.

Pegged for ages 2-6.

Share your favorite books about snow.

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