It’s Summer: Take a Donation-Vacation!

We are full into the fun of summer sun. Some of us kick back at the hometown beach or pool or tennis court. But some of us are looking to experience something new – a new place maybe, a new culture perhaps. If you’ve got the itch for a new adventure but you’re still mulling over just where to land, you might consider a “donation-vacation.”

What Is A Donation-Vacation?

What exactly is a “donation-vacation” you might ask. Well, it’s simple. There are many places around the world in need of volunteers. To help build houses. Or clean up after a natural disaster. Or restore natural habitats.

Why Take A Donation-Vacation?

It’s a great two-for-one concept: you get to experience a new place and/or new culture; those in need get a new roof over their heads or nutritional food on their plate or whatever else you are providing by donating your time.

Here are some websites you might look at for starters:

Looking to take the kids along? Check these opportunities:

Want to combine a leisure vacation with a volunteer component? Check these sites:

Many hotels and cruise lines all over the world offer volunteer opportunities too. If this interests you, be sure to ask!

Just think how much stronger the world would be if we each, just once in our lifetime, took a “donation-vacation.”

Share information about other donation-vacations.

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