The Great Serena Williams

Serena Williams has just notched another huge win to her record. Some say she is the greatest woman tennis player of all time.

For those out there whose kids are Serena groupies and also for those whose kids appreciate stories of grit, triumph in the face of challenge, champions…here are a couple of suggested reads by Serena herself.

My Life: Queen of the Court.

Why not get the story from straight from the source?! The great thing about this book? Serena tells about how she got to where she is today starting with her childhood. Playing on a ratty old court with worn out tennis balls, developing strong relationships with her siblings, dealing with racism. Packed with inspiring tales for your teenager.

Venus and Serena: Serving from the Hip: 10 Rules for Living, Loving, and Winning

In this one Serena and Venus team up (with Hilary Beard) to talk to teens. It’s less about tennis and more about life advice. And it’s divided into 10 rules for success. There are anecdotes on the importance of family, friends, staying in school, taking care of your body, etc. Pegged for 7th grade and up.

Share your favorite children’s books about champions!

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